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Daily walks are essential for your dog’s health and wellbeing. Walks not only provide much needed exercise for your pet, but also largely benefit their cognitive skills, keeping their weight down and their minds sharp!

** I strive to meet the needs of all of my clients, if something you need isn’t listed here, or you need to adjust any services offered, I am here to work with you to satisfy those needs! **

Dog Walks
Bathroom Break 30 minutes - $20
Bathroom Break + Exercise 45 minutes - $25
Bathroom Break + Extended Exercise 60 minutes - $30

Stop-In Visits
Feeding and Playtime 20 minutes - $20

In-Home Overnight Stays
$90/night – includes morning, midday, and evening walks, normally scheduled feedings, playtime and affection, and care of home (watering plants, bringing in mail and packages, taking out trash, etc.)

Waste Clean Up
Heel Paw Express offers backyard waste clean up to ensure your space is clean for all outdoor family
activities and parties! Rates start at $15.

Weekend/Holiday - +$5
Additional Animal - +$5
(for cats additional animal rate starts with 3+)